Have A Healthier Diet By Adding Food

Could the key to a healthy diet be adding food, not taking it away? I know – it sounds like a gimmick I would tear apart in a blog post. But this is no “magic”. I have stumbled across a few references to this idea lately, and decided to throw my two cents in.

It is well known that restrictive diets are not realistic and often not sustained longer than a few days or weeks. Coming off of a restrictive diet also often leads to overeating, whether consciously or unconsciously, while your body tries to make up for lost Calories.
Recently the idea of “adding” to your diet has been popping up a lot more. If you focus on adding more fruits, vegetables, grains, non-meat protein sources like lentils and beans, you often automatically end up eating fewer of those less healthy foods. It’s quite simple and much more mentally pleasing to focus on the abundance of delicious, healthy foods you can eat, as opposed to delicious, unhealthy foods you should not.
Take my boyfriend as the perfect example. Since I’ve entered the scene (and his kitchen) he is eating more than ever before and has lost about 15 lbs in the past few months. He says he feels like he’s eating too much and like he’s eating constantly. True, the quantity of food has increased but so has the quality, which results in an overall much lower Calorie intake and, for him, significant weight loss without even trying. He can munch all day on an apple, carrots, peas, a granola bar, and a salad with cheese, seeds and dried fruit for lunch, and still come out well under the number of Calories he would’ve had if he had gone to a drive through somewhere. Not to mention how much better you feel!
So this weekend, focus on the wonderful fresh and healthy foods you’re going to add to your shopping basket. Save some money by having a date night in with your significant other and cook a meal together. Need an idea for a healthy meal? Try this English muffin panini recipe.